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I take brands personally

My name is Karel Novotny. After 15 years spent in the world of big advertising companies I detached myself from the corporate system.

And I created the Brand Farm. My project in which I help stars on their way up. They call it "personal branding". I call it "making stars go supernova".

Do you want ot shine? Contact me.

Otto Bohuš


Writes like a well-oiled machine

Otto was born with a pen in his hand. He writes slogans, headlines, websites, , e-books, and even his own blog. Hopefully, he will soon write his own book, as well. On writing, of course.

Iva Mráčková


Fighting for a better image

Iva is in charge of the MIA hairdressing salon.. And apparently she’s good at it: their hairdresser and make-up artist are third in the Czech Republic. Confirmed at the Creative Image Team 2014 contest in Prague.

David Grund


Strategy is his middle name

David knows the world of big business inside out. Currently, he gives consultations to both individuals and companies under his own brand. He alternates between living in Toronto and the Czech Republic. He speaks English, Czech, Russian, and Spanish.

Magda Martinková


When a woman is holding a cannon

Magda overflows with energy. She creates her own fashion clothes and organizes fashion shows and exhibitions. And then she takes photos of it all – her way and with love.. And it shows.

Ondra Švec


Dances like the devil

Ondra is called Endrewstyle by everybody. This top street dancer is the star of FENIX dancing school. This winner of a number of dance battles has even performed in a music clip of Katy Perry.

Petra Bartoňková


Sailor with the imagination of a captain

Petra used to live in Costa Rica, Mexico, Texas, and also on board a transoceanic ship. Yet after the labyrinth of the world in Alaska and Hawaii, she eventually decided for the paradise of her heart. And currently she creates amazing paintings.

Jan Řezáč

web consultant

Advisor as sharp as a razor

Honza knows what a good website should look like. He has designed hundreds of them. He is a born leader, and it’s one of the reasons why he has been restoring order to the Czech web.

Veronika Indráková


Young, beautiful, successful

Veronika has a plan. And she is going after it. She decided to break through and she has been doing everything to make it happen. Besides, she’s a great dancer, and she looks even better in photos.

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